Operational Audits

What is operational audit consulting?

In the same fashion as maintenance audits, operational audits offer to highlight problems in operational delivery that do not arise during daily business activities. ONE9 3NINE bring their extensive data center experience to customers by offering the O&M audits based on a ever growing customer need.

Problem Solution
How can I make sure my facility is operating correctly? Operational audits can be conducted for any facility maintenance department what ever the business and if there is a business there will usually be some sort of operations team that keeps systems running for the business.  This is the operations team that ONE9 3NINE is interested in offering advice through an audit or review to ensure that business operations are running smoothly and at an optimum level.  Senior management have the possibility of contracting ONE9 3NINE to also conduct a complete review of any segment of a business operations including from a high level, however, this approach can sometimes be the preliminary phase of enterprise architecture planning where the current situation is evaluated, however, if a customer wishes to have a high level review of all departments and get a report on financial efficiency then this can be offered as an alternative to specific reviews of departments such as facilities maintenance.
My business is fine, why do I need to check my operations? If an organization is running in a profitable manner then very few questions will be ever asked of departments as it would be deemed that everyone is doing their job correctly if we are all moving forwards as a business as planned, however, this does not mean that an operations review is not required.  We maintain our car ever 5000km’s to ensure it keeps working for as long as possible and ONE9 3NINE advocates the same approach to businesses even if they seem to be running perfectly.
Do data center operational standards change? Operational standards can be accompanied by ISO or BSI or similar initiatives that allow a business to operate in a more predictable way, in the case of ISO 9001, companies that are certified with this stamp are usually expected to have a thorough set of procedures manuals, documents and filing system so that another ISO9001 company can expect the same quality service and confidence in their ability to store transaction data in a professional way.  With ISO as an example, it is possible to say that yes standards change or are created to enhance corporate efficiency, however, in most cases these certifications are not mandatory and so operational audits and reviews become very necessary in some cases when a company has perhaps created their own systems and have not become certified.

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