O & M Procedure Review

What is O & M procedure review consulting?

Data center operations should exemplify corporate strategy and yet this is rarely the case. Ensuring O & M procedures are fully standard compliant based on the industry standard such as ITIL ONE9 3NINE brings a wealth of knowledge to ensure operational effectiveness through its O & M procedure review.

Problem Solution
Are my operations and maintenance procedures up to date? Operations and maintenance procedures are sometimes never invested in where the customer relies on the experience of the staff members to complete tasks, however, operations and maintenance procedures are a required part of any facility whether a building or data center.  All larger facilities will have a set of O+M manuals supplied when the facility is built but small facilities that grow through repeated expansion rarely have a competent manuals so ONE9 3NINE advises an operations and maintenance procedures review.  This review offers insight into the status of preparedness in the case of a disaster or failure and how the business will act in the case of a disaster recover situation.
Why do I need to check my O+M procedures? Operations and maintenance reviews offer customers feedback on their procedures so that they can understand any deficiencies or mitigate any mistakes.  In any case, the O&M procedures are the life blood of any business and tell operators and engineers what to do in the case of any failure or disaster that occurs either directly or indirectly to the business for instance if all electricity is cut either by a digger outside the building or the utility supplier goes down.  In any case, there are a multitude of failures that can occur and the operations and maintenance procedures are there to deal with any situation that occurs so making sure a company is operating with the most up to date and complete procedures is a mandatory requirement.
My business is running so my procedures are fine If a company has been in operation for many years and has safely conducted operations without serious failure, it does not mean that their operations and maintenance procedure manuals are fine.  All manuals require a review as maybe they do not reflect the latest fire or safety codes, or maybe the equipment had been replaced during maintenance and the procedure was never reviewed or updated.  There are many reasons to perform an operations and maintenance procedure review and in most cases its for the reasons that a customer does not already know.

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