Maintenance Audits

What is maintenance audits consulting?

As data centers depend on good maintenance, it is frequently a lack of good maintenance that offers a weakest next link in infrastructure failure along side human error.

Problem Solution
How can I make sure my building and data center are maintained correctly? Maintenance is a procedure of checking all hardware and software on a site at a pre-arranged schedule to ensure optimum operation of each specific piece of equipment so that the entire business operation continues to run without intermittent failures.  In most facilities, this process is conducted, but it can overlook some systems over time and through staff changes where certain equipment fails to be maintained or even visited by the company that installed it.  For this reason ONE9 3NINE offers customer the ability to review maintenance logs and equipment lists to ensure that all equipment is being properly maintained and cleaned.
Does my facility maintenance need to be checked? In most cases, bad maintenance will not be uncovered until there is a failure and the supplier will blame the failure on the equipment not that the maintenance was never carried out correctly.  Many customers just accept a failure, but what is maintenance was correlated with MTBF failure statistics so that maintenance was guaranteed to continue life of any equipment through its stated life in product sheets? this would guarantee that suppliers maintain systems so as to meet stated mean time between failures.  For this and many other reasons, proactive maintenance reviews are like maintaining your data center facility maintenance itself, its important to ensure that everything is working as it should be.
Can I predict failures and perform future replacements? As a result of maintenance reviews, it is also possible for ONE9 3NINE to offer clients a proactive approach to maintenance and advise on replacement or upgrade plans based on maintenance history.  If particular pieces of equipment have been giving continual failure or have required higher than expected visits from maintenance teams, this could be the beginning of a failure where no connection is made between the repeated interruptions and daily business continues without a proactive review of historical logs that could pick out surprising evidence of future equipment failure

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