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What is HSE reviews consulting?

Working environments for all staff members must be regulated and certified as HSE compliant as standards become ratified and ONE9 3NINE Consulting offers advice to owners of datacenters to reassure management that facilities provide a safe working environment.

Problem Solution
How can I plan for a disaster? HSE covers a multitude of responsibilities within an organization and conducting an HSE review or audit is not just to check if the work environment is safe.  In some cases for larger organizations, HSE extends into emergency planning or disaster recovery planning where an entire organization must be prepared to up and relocate its entire operations to a new building, region or country in the even of a natural disaster.  ONE9 3NINE offers customer the ability to plan for disasters either within or adjacent to a business headquarters so that proactive plans have been formulated in the event of a natural or other disaster.
Is my work environment safe for my employees? The classic HSE scope of work is to check the office or working environment of staff to ensure that all aspects of safety have been addressed including electrical equipment, fire drills, storage, work environment at the desk and many more.  To conduct a thorough HSE check of an office environment is a good start for senior management, however, this could extend out to warehouses or even building sites.  To ensure that all aspects of a work environment is safe is the responsibility of senior management and a once yearly check as a preventative measure is advised.
How long can my business be down? Planning for business operations and maintenance is a normal part of running a business, but very few business owners actually evaluate what length of time they could stand certain departments or even the entire business to be down and be able to either maintain normal operations or how long it would take to recover.  The most serious question for senior management is how long me being down will result in closure of the company? ONE9 3NINE offers customers disaster recovery planning that pushes customers to view their company in this way to realize the importance of a disaster recovery plan.

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