Emergency Planning

What is emergency planning consulting?

During the design of data center facilities it is essential that all safety security infrastructure is accompanied by effective emergency planning. In order to make sure facilities have an effective emergency plan, ONE9 3NINE Consulting offers a review service to either designs or existing facilities where emergency planning advice is given by our in-house certified emergency consultant.

Problem Solution
Does my business have a disaster recovery plan? Focusing on a disaster recovery plan for an organization is something that is extremely important to ensure continued operations.  As a part of HSE planning a disaster recovery plan is the fullest extent management can go to completely ensure a safe working environment, however, some businesses choose to just focus on creating a disaster recovery plan to prepare for the worst case scenario and ONE9 3NINE can assist management with the formation of a disaster recovery plan for any size of business.
What should I do if there is an emergency? Creating emergency procedures for a business is a complicated process that must incorporate the entire business operations not just the welfare of the staff and ONE9 3NINE offers customers the possibility of evaluating possible sources of risk or emergencies and creating an emergency preparedness plan to ensure the business itself continues unabated or that business continuity is maintained where ever possible.  Creating a disaster recover plan is a very important part of business continuity planning and ONE9 3NINE prides its self on assisting customers in the this regard and then also testing emergency plans with real life drills.
I have emergency procedures, can I have them reviewed? ONE9 3NINE offers customers the ability to review existing disaster recovery plans or emergency procedures through the process of both factual review and real life testing.  Should a customer require an emergency planning audit, ONE9 3NINE would execute a preliminary review and optional scenario test where chosen departments would be tested to see if they knew what to do in the case of a disaster of serious failure of systems where redundancy procedures would kick in to maintain business continuity.  As a result of these reviews, ONE9 3NINE would advise clients on possible rectifications to procedures and also provide feedback on the real life scenario testing based on monitor feedback and reporting.  The emergency planning testing is advised to be carried out either once every 6 months or once a year to allow for new hires or temporary staff.

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