Egress Planning

What is egress planning consulting?

Safety security design normally adheres to international standards and in most cases this is sufficient, however, egress planning as a service is something new and ONE9 3NINE Consulting prides itself on providing egress planning of all staff members within the building during any emergency.

Problem Solution
How can I ensure my building egress plan is safe? In most cases, egress planning is only based on occupancy size of a building during the design stage and on local fire safety codes, however, ONE9 3NINE offers clients the ability to perform egress planning through hypothetical scenario testing where the design of a new or existing building are input into a computer and tests are made as to how people would act in the case of emergencies located through out a building.  The egress planning software simulates emergencies and ONE9 3 NINE prides its self on bringing the latest in egress planning to its customers
I have fire exit doors isn’t that enough? Even though fire exit doors have been located as per local fire and safety codes, in some cases real life scenarios where people are trampled or hurt during an evacuation is unacceptable and as such egress planning is utilized to ensure that eventualities are best accounted for and mitigated by additional fire doors or by better locating door placement and its dimensions.  Considering door size and corridor dimensions other than aesthetic considerations can mean the difference between life and death and so egress planning is adopted to take a design past compliance of local fire and safety codes and forwards to true occupancy safety planning.
How can egress planning help me? Basic egress planning should be adopted in every design where possible to provide additional proof to civil defense that safety measures have been designed to meet both their codes and also that of real life scenario testing in the case of an emergency.  In most cases, Egress planning could also be used as part of the creation of an emergency plan creation ensuring that certain segments of staff and thus volumes of people use certain emergency exits instead of going back to collect personal belongings from a desk.  Another benefit of egress planning is at large outside venues where plans must be formulated for control of thousands of people. ONE9 3NINE is pleased to be able to provide safety planning on so many levels and to be working with the global leaders of both safety and security.

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