Operations and Maintenance

Operations and Maintenance Consultancy

ONE9 3NINE Consulting offers a diverse selection of operations and maintenance consultancy services which are detailed below:

Product / Service Part No. Values Overview
O+M Proc Review OM-PR-001 Strategy, Optimization Operations and maintenance procedure review, audit and design
Maintenance Audits OM-MA-002 Strategy, Optimization Audit and analysis of maintenance procedures and logs
Operational Audits OM-OA-003 Strategy, Optimization Audit and analysis of business operations, financials and efficiency
HSE Reviews OM-HSE-004 Standards HSE audit, analysis and planning of working environment and disaster planning
Emergency Planning OM-EMP-005 Security Emergency planning procedure creation, audit and analysis with real life scenario testing
Egress Planning OM-EGP-006 Security Simulation testing of live event or building emergency exit strategies through specialized software

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