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What is software selection consulting?

ONE9 3NINE works with several leading software vendors for mobility where specialisation and experience is called for so that any customer requirement can be met and advised on.

Problem Solution
I need help choosing mobility software Mobility software selection is truly based on the customer need as there are many different approaches to mobility solution selection that can have both upsides and down also.  Software solutions start from an out of the box generic business based system that is created to solve a specific task all the way through to a highly customized solution that is completely bespoke and created based on a single customer need.  These two alternative approaches often are over sold where a small customer selects a fully customized solution, however, they do not realize the future development and maintenance costs involved with being tied to a single developer.  In contrast, saving money on an out of the box solution can be a great time saver, however, when the system does not deliver all that was promised or hoped for then the solution turns out to be a waste of money.  ONE9 3NINE offers customers the ability to evaluate mobility software solutions and ensure that the correct solution is chosen for the right reasons.
What mobility software is required? The selection as stated about of mobility software is a dedicated one that requires a deep understanding of customer financial and operational capabilities and expectations to make sure that a customized or out of the box solution is best.  Some times out of the box solutions can be customized, but in either camp, customer integration is always required.  Making sure the mobility software is based on customer need is the responsibility of ONE9 3NINE to ensure the gap between customer need and expectations is technically evaluated and the best solution selected.
Do mobile handsets require software? Mobile handsets always require software selection, however, if the chosen mobile handsets are mobile phones or the handsets are fully industrialized, both platforms require software of some kind to allow them to interact with both the service platform and the customer.  The software allows for the passing of data that is input at the handset to make its way back to head office where actions are triggered automatically based on predetermined scenarios.

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