Operational Efficiency

What is operational efficiency consulting?

In the drive to achieve greater cost savings through efficiency, many organizations are opting to neglect operational change during financial duress and relying on existing manual procedures. By reviewing existing norms, customers can greatly aid cost effectiveness through the latest mobility technologies and ONE9 3NINE can assist a customer through this process of evaluation to implementation.

Problem Solution
Can I extend my ERP through mobility? Yes, all ERP systems can be extended through a combination of mobility software and hardware based on universally accepted industry standards and ONE9 3NINE can advise customers on how to gain huge operational efficiency through the application of a fit for purpose mobility solution.  The benefits of reduced human error and data being immediately and centrally available minimizes operational delays whilst offering significant improved operational quality control through up to the minute responsibility, status, location and quantity controls.  Through the deployment mobility customers can attain levels of business information that were previously impossible through old fashioned manual systems leading to greatly improved operational efficiency.
How can mobility help my company? Greater operational efficiency can assist companies make more accurate decisions based on stock levels of status updates that are immediately available and shared with required departments when ever available.  This improved status and knowledge can allow organizations to make quicker operational decisions based on more accurate data instead of the previously accepted manual paper and clipboard approaches that would have human error at the point of data acquisition, data entry and data analysis where hand writing could be misread, typing be incorrect and analysis of data into decision and excel sheets problematic.  With the advent of total automation of data acquisition through to decision making operational efficiency and integrity can be almost guaranteed.
Does mobility mean greater efficiency? Data out is only as good as data in and as such, mobility also has the added benefit of predictive field data at the point of entry on the handset.  This means that all data in will be based on an expected data type and range meaning that even though automation and data access offers obvious increased operational efficiency, the data entry is also far more accurate as predictive fields mean that data deviation due to human interpretation at the point of entry is also removed or at least mitigated to almost zero.

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