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What is hardware advice consulting?

Having been in the mobility sector for sometime, ONE9 3NINE offers customers a mobility hardware review service ensuring mobility hardware meets customer expectations.

Problem Solution
Can I use a mobile phone for mobility? Yes, your own personal mobile can act as a mobility platform for your company mobility solution, however, mobile phone platforms are not usually interchangeable and so any mobility platform that utilizes blackberry, will not normally work on an Apple or Samsung phone.  The software platform normally dictates what hardware such as a mobile phone will be supported and thus utilized as part of the mobility solution.  Another concern is the resilience of a mobile phone in contrast to a fully industrialized mobility handset.  The difference between them would be that the mobile phone would require replacement if dropped once which would require huge stocks to allow for replacement and the delays during the replacement its self.  In contrast, if a company selects a fully industrialized mobility handset, it can be certified to support up to or over 2000 drops as is expected in a work environment instead of that of mobile phone care.  This is the reason that ONE9 3NINE offers this survive to customers to ensure that hardware selection is made based on informed business decisions.
What mobility hardware is available? Mobility hardware is diverse supporting infrared readers, Bluetooth printers and wireless tag recognition in addition to the handsets them selves.  The result means that hardware selection can sometimes depends on a leap of faith instead of informed decision which is why ONE9 3NINE offers customers a single source of contact for all mobility solution decisions including the hardware, software and business integration.  Selecting the right hardware for a business need based on lack of intelligence can cause a customer to make erroneous decisions and as such ONE9 3NINE offers the hardware advise service for customers who have selected a software solution and are having difficulty selecting from the multitude of hardware options available.  In most cases customer should just focus on tolerance to damage, replace ability, functionality, data entry requirements such as stylus or touch screen and finally the screen itself and whether its visible in direct sunlight with a non reflective screen.  These are just some of the options that are used to assist customers.
What mobility handset is right for me? Selecting the final handset based on the selection criteria will almost always depend on budget due to the increased cost of industrial handsets instead of the cheap and universally available ubiquitous mobile phone, however, even though cost is normally the deciding factor, it is ONE9 3NINE’s opinion based on experience that this should not be the case and that budget should not be the final decision maker on which mobility handset is selected.  ONE9 3NINE will provide hardware advice based on business need and if the customer budget is not available, ONE9 3NINE advises that the budget be increased instead of trying to run a solution into production without proper budgetary consideration for the right solution rather than a cheap solution.

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