Tender Advice and Review

What is tender advice and review consulting?

Any project that incorporates construction based on design will require a tender process in order to maintain supplier impartiality and cost control effectiveness. To this end, ONE9 3NINE offers a tender advice and review service which can include preparation, release and review based on customer need. The value to management is knowing that a 3rd party is assisting the management based solely on technical capability and international design standards.

Problem Solution
We need impartial advice Making sure a customer can trust its consultant to be honest and support the interests of the customer is of paramount importance.  ONE9 3NINE has extensive in-house experience and providing customers with impartial tender advice both on specifications, drawings and the invitation package itself, but also on the bill of quantity and refining or qualifying the products and quantities.
Is our tender package correct? If a customer has a tender that is being prepared for release, ONE9 3NINE can offer customers due diligence and thus peace of mind by reviewing the tender package and providing tender review feedback. Through this review, customers get the best 3rd party feedback about whether their tender package is ready for release and if there are any small changes that are required or further additions that could improve the quality.
Are the quantities and products correct? The quality of any project will be based on the products and thus type and quantities have a huge impact of the overall budget.  To ensure the budget is kept under control whilst maintaining the quality expectations, ONE9 3NINE offers its customers a QS type service where data center products are reviewed based on quality specifications and quantities will be double checked against design parameters.  This approach is sometimes called value engineering depending on the depth a customer wishes to go, but ensuring the right products are used is an essential part of tender package review services.

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