Supply Chain Technology Review

What is supply chain technology review consulting?

ONE9 3NINE Consulting offers customers its supply chain technology review as an extension of its operations review service. An organizations supply chain must be able to attain total compliance where ever possible and as such all product and service suppliers must be reviewed to ensure the whole supply chain complies with minimum acceptable standards.

Problem Solution
Are my suppliers resilient? As technology becomes a core part of any organizations operational strategy, business resilience becomes possible to evaluate based on technology utilization by suppliers.  ONE9 3NINE offers its customers the ability to review its full supply chain and evaluate if partners and suppliers meet the expected global standards both in operational technology utilization and concepts such as JIT or just in time theories.  Based on this initiative, customers can evaluate all suppliers and improve business resiliency based on a clear and concise consultative approach.
Do my suppliers all hold international certification? Certification compliance can be evaluated in the same way as a technology review in order to maintain business resilience.  This could include a review of ISO 9001:2008 or any other specified standard that a customer wishes ONE9 3NINE to assist it with.
What technology can I use to become more efficient If a customer is just starting out and perhaps wishes to learn from its suppliers rather than setting the standards, ONE9 3NINE can support this initiative by contacting all suppliers and formulating a certification and technology strategy to ensure that a plan is put in place to improve business relations and support of both existing and prospective new customers and suppliers within the total supply chain.

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