Service Orientated Architecture (SOA / EAP)

What is Service Orientated Architecture (SOA )/ Enterprise Architecture Planning (EAP) ?

Service orientated architecture (SOA) is a way of designing organizational infrastructure in alignment with business service need so that the correct infrastructure is available to support the business. ONE9 3NINE can support customers by planning ahead based on management requirements so that technology does not become needless investment but justified based on business need.

Problem Solution
Technology expenditure has no strategy Streamlining capex and opex expenditure is required these days as the need to become efficient grows.  Curtailing technology related cost centers by instituting an SOA or EAP related review allows management to become more strategic with capex expenditure.  By adopting ONE9 3NINE’s Service Orientated Architecture consultancy or the Enterprise Architecture Planning, customers gain from a more strategic approach to technology deployment instead of project related reactionary expenditure.
Not enough IT for business requirements When business management expect IT to support business needs, it seldom aligns its investment to its business requirements.  For this reason, ONE9 3NINE offers customers a consultancy service allowing senior management to match its IT investment with its business expectations.
What technology should we plan for? Most businesses have no clue what technology should be adopted and just acquire the lowest quotation that seems to solve the problem, however, ONE9 3NINE can remove this question from customers minds by representing senior management and taking strategic decisions with regards to technology strategy based on genuine business need.

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