Risk Assessment

What is risk assessment consulting?

Operations does not just encompass the data center and it is wise for customers to look at the much larger picture including all distributed infrastructure because the weakest link maybe outside the central data center and remain unless a full risk assessment is undertaken.

Problem Solution
What risk does my business have? Businesses have many risks they must think about including corporate theft, business resilience, staff sickness, and suppliers, however, the theft of intellectual property is something that is the most difficult to both evaluate and prevent.  ONE9 3NINE support clients by offering risk analysis of specific areas of interest to the client whilst offering other areas of awareness in order to mitigate long term business risk.
My data center is secure what else is there to worry about? Even though most companies consider their data center the most important to secure, in many cases, fraud can come from suppliers and customers that have access to corporate networks due to inherited trust and goes un-noticed.  In addition, a companies own staff are now considered to be a high probability and source of corporate theft as they have access to the business, so preventing disgruntled employees from abusing this trust is also another consideration for management.
Do I need to worry about security? Security can come in many forms including the physical security of a building preventing access, safety which prevents fire and damage and data access or hacking.  These are just three areas of most concern today, but there is an endless list of security problems that can occur within a business and ONE9 3NINE offers customers the latest information on security prevention both internally and through some of its very specialist partners.

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