Quantity Surveyor Services

What is quantity surveyor consulting?

Ensuring consistent and trustworthy cost or quality control during project delivery is another essential segment of during project delivery and ONE9 3NINE retains the highest quality QS partners and staff to ensure quality at all times.

Problem Solution
Our project has a tight budget All projects have cost constraints to meet and this can be managed through the deployment of a QS or quantity surveyor who is specialist in quality, quantity and budget controls.  ONE9 3NINE works with industry leaders in offering QS specialist services to the market on an individual or project basis.
How can we control cost of materials? On of the responsibilities during a project is to control material acquisition through the use of specialist QS engineers.  When customers wish to control project budgets, quantities and cost are controlled through alternate suppliers and negotiation whilst maintaining quality at all times.
How do we ensure quality? Quality is of course of paramount importance during any project delivery whether it is a new building or data center or just an extension.  Quality expectations stem from a specifications that were collated during the design phase and are accepted by the construction team as understood to ensure that the quality standards both for products and installation method statements are met or exceeded.  ONE9 3NINE utilizes the services of both QS and Technical engineers to ensure quality delivery during any project.

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