Program Management

What is program management consulting?

Commercial and high level delivery and assurance is an essential part of feedback to a customer within any project and thus ONE9 3NINE offers this service through its partners for its largest projects that require it.

Problem Solution
How can we control a total program? Within any project a customer must take care of many departments, subcontractors and partners often involved in many parallel projects or sub-projects.  To minimize the complications of a larger project or program, ONE9 3NINE utilizes either its senior consultants or globally renown partners to provide our customers with state of the art program management.
We need a single point of contact During the delivery of a large project or program, customers often loose valuable time through miscommunication and responsibility confusion.  To this end, ONE9 3NINE mitigates the many obstacles during project or program delivery through the approach of a single point of contact, simplifying customer communications and responsibilities.
Cost and commercial control As programs can deal with many stakeholders, ONE9 3NINE offer customer peace of mind through improved cost and commercial control of stake holders to ensure no aspect of a project has been overlooked.

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