Business Starter Pack

What is the Business Starter Pack?

If you are starting a business, already the owner of an SME, an entrepreneur, an Angel Investor, a Venture Capitalist, a business incubator, a Freezone or a Company Advisor… the Business Starter Pack is designed for you!

In 3 phases (Assessment, Review Meeting, and Report) the Business Starter Pack helps a new business lay foundations for its success. It uses our unique “5 Ps” framework to provide information critical to decision-making in 5 key areas of a business: People, Planning, Performance, Profit and Platform (technology).

BSP Options Table

The following problems and complimentary solutions can be attributed to the Business Starter Pack.

Problem Solution
Make the business efficient right from start-up Have the right people, in the right seats, doing the right things (People), working to an optimal strategy (Planning), producing top-class work (Performance). Ensure each member of the team has fit-for-purpose technology (Platform) to maximise their contribution.
Ensure your cash flow is flowing Identify the right financial Key Performance Indicators as part of your strategy (Performance), combined with the right technology (Platform) to track the KPIs simply day-to-day. Make sure your systems (Platform) can talk to customers’ systems easily, to maximise liquidity (Profit).
Accelerate growth Accelerate growth Identify the areas you need to focus on to move the business forward (Planning), and make sure you and your team are dedicated to working on those critical areas (Performance). The right technology (Platform) will be critical to executing the work and tracking progress.

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