Business Case

What is Business Case Consulting?

Management decisions need to be based on fact and thus requires investigation of new projects to ensure their cost effectiveness. If a data center is planned a customer must take into account market trends, customer need and competitors to ensure that the correct design and business requirements are met.

Problem Solution
Business needs to expand Investigating how a business needs to expand is critical prior to establishing any projects.  ONE9 3NINE can assist customers by investigating business expansion requirements and creating roadmaps of technology growth in line with both business and financial restraints.
Financial plan is required to justify a project With new projects being created all the time driven by new business and growth, ONE9 3NINE can support customer projects by preparing financial plans that meet business capabilities and management expectations.  Creating a business case for a project is a necessity.
Strategic technology plan does not exist ONE9 3NINE can support customers by researching and providing a technology strategic plan based on a business case for business expansion.  The outcome would provide management a future roadmap based on an SOA/EAP architecture.

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