Asset Control

What is asset control consulting?

With the advent of cost controlling and an ever growing need to account for all expenditure, organizations are under greater need to account for business assets during amortization and write off cycles which can be advised on by ONE9 3NINE.

Problem Solution
What assets does our company own? Many large companies grow and lose track of assets acquired during the immense growth that goes on during good times, however, when it comes time to qualify the assets through an audit or for other reasons, a up to date asset control list has often been over looked.  ONE9 3NINE offer customers assistance with asset control by performing asset audits and assistance with collation of asset control systems.
Where are the company assets? Finding assets within an organization can be difficult especially during an audit, however, ONE9 3NINE assists clients with advice on RFID tagging assets and the application of mobility to solve asset tracking during audits.  By utilizing the latest technology, ONE9 3NINE is able to assist customers in creating an asset or GIS solution as an extension of any ERP or similar system.
An internal audit is required If an external audit is required within an organization, ONE9 3NINE offers customers a completely impartial audit team that is capable of performing an external audit of a companies assets providing an impartial report and database of its findings.

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