Management Consultancy

Management Consultancy

ONE9 3NINE Consulting offers a diverse selection of management consultancy services which are detailed below:

Product / Service Part No. Values Overview
Business Case MG-BC-001 Strategic Justifies new buildings and expansion projects
SOA/EAP MG-SE-002 Strategic, cost Provides a strategy for technology acquisition
Risk Assessment MG-RA-003 Security Reviews total business risk and security
Tender Advice & Review MG-TAR-004 Cost, standards Totally impartial tender services and advice
Asset Control MG-AC-005 Cost Asset review, systems planning and strategy
Project Management MG-PM-006 Strategy Project mangement based on international standards
Program Management MG-PGM-007 Strategy, cost Complete program management on any scale
Quantity Surveyor Services MG-QSS-008 Stragey, cost Project cost, quality and quantity control
Structural and Architectural Services MG-SAS-009 Strategy Structural and architectural advice for existing and new building projects
Supply Chain Technology Review MG-SCTR-010 Security, standards Complete supply chain technology planning and review
Business Starter Pack MG-BSP-011 Strategy Business evaluation and planning based on both Management and Technology strategy

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