Resource Supply

What is resource supply consulting?

Getting the right staff member for the right job can sometimes be both time consuming and costly in the data center field and ONE9 3NINE has addressed this through a resource supply service for customers need the right data center staff member for the right role.

Problem Solution
I need staff for a special project Getting the right staff for any project can be a challenge either sourcing the right candidate or simply sifting through all the sub-standard candidates which is where ONE9 3NINE offers a candidate sourcing service for its clients where technology specialists will be found through ONE9 3NINE’s candidate search partners so that the correctly qualified and experienced technical specialist can be found and negotiated for the expected terms and conditions on behalf of the client and their specific project.  Ensuring that the right staff sourcing is carried out so that retention of good and qualified people is possible is a key fundamental of ONE9 3NINE’s manpower supply service.
How can I get the right specialized technical staff? Specialist staff evaluation can be a challenge for any role and its commences from role definition which ONE9 3NINE offers clients to perform for them by creating customer role definitions specific to customer need so that the resulting staff member fits the selection criteria.  To ensure this, metrics will be suggested in parallel with the role definition to ensure the selection of a fit for purpose candidate that remains with the organization for as long as necessary, rather than opportunistic approaches.  Ensuring customer contentment though a high quality of candidate fulfillment is ONE9 3NINE’s long term goal.
Can I outsource recruitment? Out sourcing any HR related manpower supply is a possibility for technically related staff where the customer wishes to ensure that the correct technical candidates are sourced without any drain on company resources.  ONE9 3NINE is happy to supply this service to ensure that customers get the highest possible quality staff at the best possible value.

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