In-house Education

What is in-house education consulting?

Based on internationally certified data center training, ONE9 3NINE can offer customized data center training for in-house delivery as required.

Problem Solution
I have a lot of staff to educate When planning for a new project, customers sometimes have large teams of people that require the same training and as such, travel costs and business dependence on so many staff lead to in-house training being favored instead of scheduled training.  For this reason, ONE9 3NINE offers its clients the possibility of in-house training where specific training is brought to the door step of the customer to ensure that costs and business interruption is kept to a minimum.  Should any customer wish to have in-house deployment of any chosen training they should approach ONE9 3NINE for further information.
I have a meeting room, can I use it for training? Yes, any meeting room that supports the number of required students plus the tutor with enough room for desks and a white board will do.  An internet connection is also requested and convenient access to toilet and refreshments.  Even if a customer requires segregated training for ladies and men this is also possible with the use of either a central divider or running the classes one after the other, however, the second option would double the cost.  Ensuring the customer in-house experience is of the highest quality is of paramount importance and ONE9 3NINE encourages clients to get in contact and request their latest training requirements.
I want specialist training in-house Training in-house as opposed to scheduled training is possible for the same content as long as the customer facility meets some basic requirements as stated above.  ONE9 3NINE tries to offer customers any training they required in an in-house format when ever financially justifiable with enough students and accepted by the training instituted in question.

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