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What is facility training consulting?

Currently offering the latest Datacenter Dynamics, BICSI and Uptime Institute data center management, design and facility training courses, ONE9 3NINE maximizes customer value through it’s internationally compliant certified training program partnerships.

Problem Solution
How can I plan future IT training? Both IT and infrastructure based technical training can be planned based on business need, however, when new projects are planned this is usually a good time to get core staff  trained in preparation for the new business challenges.  ONE9 3NINE offers specialist training in data center design, operations and management through the main industry standard certifications such as Datacenter Dynamics, BICSI and Uptime Institute.  Any consultancy service delivered by ONE9 3NINE can be accompanied by state of the art training located regionally.
How can I get Technical training? Any technical training required in the form of either IT or infrastructure specific equipment can also be sourced and delivered to the customer individually or as part of a larger consulting service to ensure the highest possible quality delivery of services.  ONE9 3NINE will only recommend training based on specific customer need and technical applicability to the project or need at hand as so many training courses differ in both delivery and quality of information, technical training evaluation of suppliers on behalf of a customer removes the need for the customer to get involved with technical evaluations.
Can I get advice on data center training? ONE9 3NINE offers its clients the possibility of training content and delivery evaluation so as to ensure that the customer gains the highest possible quality from the training course based on the specific customer need or project.  ONE9 3NINE believes that training for compliance is not always the correct route for education just because everyone else in the market is following the same certification.  A customer must get certified education based on business need and technical requirements during a data center design and build project and ONE9 3NINE prides itself of being able to bridge the knowledge gap between customer and standards in advising future compliance based training.

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