Server Asset Audits

What is server asset audits consulting?

With so many servers and dependent hardware mounting up in customers data centers, it is essential that assets be accounted for correctly to assist in capacity and energy planning. Project after project can often leave uncorrelated hardware strewn throughout costly rack space that could be better utilized netting huge cost savings or delaying unrequired expansion plans.

Problem Solution
What IT hardware do I have? As companies expand, IT equipment deployment such as switches, servers and other hardware is rarely correlated and ends up being a distributed mess where no one really knows what assets are in a data center or building.  In many cases, different departments have been involved in the decisions through to delivery and as such the actual final location and listing of all IT or technology based equipment can get out of date fast.  ONE9 3NINE offers customers a technology asset audit including IT servers and other hardware so that customers know what is where.
Some of my servers are old, how can I predict future failures? After an asset review has taken place within a customers data center, the possibility of failure or at least keeping collated records of failure is possible allowing customers to see common failures on similar hardware and predict failure with a greater accuracy.
How can I improve my IT architecture? Ensuring that the IT architecture is controlled through a consultative approach and guidance is necessary.  ONE9 3NINE can assist customers with asset reviews and also include optional procedure review that provides feedback on what procedures are currently present and whether they are being followed during the operation of your IT assets.  A good example of this which is commonly overlooked is that of cabling and labeling.  When a customer shows a lack of asset knowledge, it is usually also the case that asset utilization and work practices are also not followed and customers can end up with rats nest cabling on racks as an example.

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