Safety Security Review

What is safety security review consulting?

Business downtime due to fire or for security reasons cannot be tolerated in 24/7 facilities and as such ONE9 3NINE Consulting has taken the initiative of working with regional experts in offering safety and security reviews of existing facilities so that preventative actions can be taken in order to increase possible facility down time.

Problem Solution
How can I review my fire safety? Safety reviews can be conducted in a live data center and IT environment up to the point of activation to ensure that all fire safety systems are functional and prepared for the event of a fire.  ONE9 3NINE works with both regional and global partners in reviewing and advising on fire safety infrastructure, functionality, detection, and procedures to ensure that a customers facility is prepared.
My building is old, am I still fire protected? Building inspections can be conducted of older aging facilities and buildings to review design code compliance and general preparedness in the case of an aging infrastructure.  These reviews take on the same format as the review of a new building, however, a focus on design and recent fire safety codes are kept in mind and advised on upgrades, alteration or replacement.  After the review, ONE9 3NINE offers clients insight into proactive measures to improve fire safety within aging buildings even advising on complete new systems where required, or removal and recycling of old Halon systems for instance.
Does my access control operate correctly? Access control can be a hugely over looked area of IT or data center security with operations staff leaving doors ajar for coffee breaks and other rule bending that goes on within secure data center facilities.  ONE9 3NINE has seen many situations where security is blatantly not followed and it is never reviewed or rectified.  ONE9 3NINE can offer customers unplanned visits where an agreement will be made with senior management that a visit will be conducted and records will be made as to how easy it is to take a package unchecked into a data center without being stopped and many other alternative tests that can be conducted to ensure security.

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