What is recycling consulting?

Being green and environmentally friendly is of great importance whether it be legally or compliance driven, however, having a specialist consultant on board to assist in implementing new initiatives or incorporating green technologies within any new data center design, it is essential that any customer undertake the advisory capacity to maximize environmental compliance.

Problem Solution
What can I do with my old IT hardware? Many customers often leave their old hardware in a back room somewhere after they have been replaced or upgraded and this old hardware can remain untouched for many years.  ONE9 3NINE aims to change this approach by encouraging recycling of old hardware by working with its global partners and having old hardware removed from customer sites and sent for precious metals and other recycling so that negative impact to the environment can be limited.
Can I recycle my old IT servers? Yes, old IT servers can be recycled as well as any other IT equipment within a data center or building.  All this equipment can be sent to specialist sorting centers globally where the resulting materials will be separated and recycled where possible instead of chopping up or throwing away old IT equipment.
How can my IT department save the environment? There are many ways to save the environment and recycling is the main way, however, ONE9 3NINE offer customers environmental reviews of an offices operations so that initiatives such as paperless office, paper collection, waste collection and recycling and many other alternative can be introduced with any office work environment and benefit both those in the immediate community and limit environmental impact in general.

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