What is outsourcing consulting?

Outsourcing is an excellent way of saving operational costs if the business case has been well researched, however it is not the solution in every instance. To this end, ONE9 3NINE can assist customers to investigate the possible benefits and support the customer through adoption should the initiative be undertaken.

Problem Solution
How can I save money on my IT operation? Many fast growth and global organizations attempt to save money by outsourcing IT services to ensure a fixed cost over time, however, this approach requires very careful planning and justification.  When business management is having trouble forecasting future IT and infrastructure growth it is sometimes justifiable to outsource and this is where ONE9 3NINE can offer customers a high value service.  Based on its SOA/EAP approach, ONE9 3NINE offers customers a outsourcing review where the costs and implications of an outsourcing are quantified for a customer in order to offer a clear way forwards both in financial commitment and resources.  Planning for and executing the transition is where ONE9 3NINE assists its customers in a far greater way than its competitors because we understand the technology sector and infrastructure requirements and are bale to leverage first hand knowledge.
I need to grow my IT department Evaluating the reason for growth and this what actions are required when an IT manager requests more resources or funds is paramount.  If the IT manager does not understand the business as a whole or the financial constraints, requests such as a bigger data center or more servers will become a thing of the past.  By conducting a careful facilities, resources, IT and financial review, ONE9 3NINE offers customers the ability to make business decisions such as outsourcing or growing IT expenditure by basing these decisions on hard facts and figures.  Perhaps all that is required is a consolidation approach to reduce IT server foot print.
I need specialist IT knowledge A clear business justification for outsourcing is the external pool of specialists within an outsource services organization that are available to a prospective customer instead of having to solely support the head count investment and other costs of employing such specialists within their team.  ONE9 3NINE advocates that at some point, outsourcing can offer huge cost savings on many levels whilst offering resourcing benefits and greater access to a more experienced wealth of collective knowledge.

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