Network Design

What is network design consulting?

With any facility, structured cabling is a tremendously important part of any data center deployment and ONE9 3NINE can advise customers based on the latest international design standards.

Problem Solution
How do I design a data center network? Designing a data center network is a complex and often distributed mix of copper and fiber passive infrastructure connecting a highly redundant infrastructure that connects all servers and it equipment through out both a data center and common building as intelligent buildings become more popular.  To this end, ONE9 3NINE offers customer a network design service in line with global standards such as BICSI to ensure redundant paths support both maintenance and failures in a similar fashion to the design of data center infrastructure itself.
What hardware is required in a computer network? In most cases, networks are these days quite simple as technology advances offering customer both voice and data core switching from a single central device that can then be replicated by a secondary redundant device.  In addition, for a building information network, passive and active switching infrastructure will connect the core switches through out the building all the way back to the meet me point or Telco connection into the building.  Deciding the medium of 40G, 10G or less will be the responsibility of the IT dept. who will know what is required of their networks even allowing for future upgrades to faster technologies.
I have a network, how can I expand it? ONE9 3NINE can perform a network infrastructure review for customers who are running out of space within their network evaluating what current bottle necks exist and what possible expansions can be made to support future customer business requirements or assess whether a completely new network would be a cheaper option and offer a strategy for replacement.

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