Migration Planning

What is migration planning consulting?

Working with regional IT experts for delivery, ONE9 3NINE Consulting offers IT migration planning in order to ensure DC facility uptime during IT migration projects as a result of new facility deployment or consolidation projects.

Problem Solution
How do I migrate my IT operations? If a new facility has been built for the IT department either as a new production site or a black backup site, in either case, IT equipment will be required to migrate between the existing and new locations and as such ONE 9 3NINE offers customers professional advise on handling any migration project to ensure that all aspects of the migration are seamless including data comms, physical relocation of equipment, data security and operational restoration after all systems and resources have been completed.
How can I migrate my company to a new building? Planning a migration to a new building can seem like a big task, but if undertaken by a experienced professionals that understand the IT system dependencies and infrastructure requirements, migration planning can be safely carried  out.  It is important to remember that a migration needs to ensure system uptime during the process and only shift systems during black or off peak business or processing hours so a migration can take some time especially when testing of the newly migrated or installed systems is conducted thoroughly.   ONE9 3NINE’s engineers have experience with both IT and infrastructure and are familiar with migration planning between old and new facilities which will also incorporate new IT equipment during the process.
My business is a 247 operation, how can I migrate? Systems that operate a 247 operation will rely on redundancy to guarantee business operations and as such, the redundancy systems can be used to ensure uptime whilst moving the primary system, or new equipment could be acquired to replace that system, but in most cases, there will be some sort of interruption of an operation whether it be moving to new communication lines or migration of some non redundant equipment, some small planned outages are acceptable, however, all primary systems in this case would be moved in a very controlled manner so that primary and secondary systems are never at risk.

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