Maintenance Review

What is maintenance review consulting?

IT maintenance review can be a core requirement and necessity in order to maintain resilient infrastructure. This requirement is offered by ONE9 3NINE Consulting in order to ensure customers can depend on their 3rd party IT maintenance procedures and review records of past activities and provide advice on improving internal services.

Problem Solution
How can I make sure my IT is maintained correctly? Maintenance of IT equipment is a mandatory service requirement after installation to ensure that the equipment keeps functioning properly.  In some cases this is called preventative maintenance, however, what ever service is conducted, it should address both the physical and running systems/software of any device to ensure optimum operation.  ONE9 3NINE offers customers the ability to review the maintenance of any data center IT equipment by checking logs and visual inspections to ensure that maintenance is being conducted correctly and at the right schedules.
Does my IT maintenance need to be checked? Any IT equipment that is running in a clean room environment by definition should not need to be cleaned, however, most data centers are not clean room where dirt is monitored and filtered from the air, so IT equipment can build up residue within that causes fans or filters to block.  ONE9 3NINE advises that customer conduct a data center facility cleaning service one a year in addition to maintenance to ensure good operation of all equipment.  Lastly, maintenance should also include a systems check of any software or BIOS that is running the device and an maintenance upgrades be conducted to ensure proper operation and security.  Maintenance patches can include security updates which in most cases are advised.
I have had failures, can I investigate this? Yes, failures can be investigated by ONE9 3NINE and reported back to the customer as to the reason behind them, also if there has recently been a string of similar failures, ONE9 3NINE can come in and conduct an investigation as to the failures and advise possible preventative action in the case that there has been a common component failure or device condition.

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