Live Network Testing

What is live network testing consulting?

As Data centers are always required to be operational, true live network testing by 3rd party hardware allowing for true infrastructure verification is an essential service. ONE9 3NINE Consulting works with global leaders in offering parallel testing of both copper and fiber network cabling as well as active infrastructure.

Problem Solution
How can I test my live network? Testing live networks is possible within the new network technologies of today where redundancy and uptime are built in considerations to any network.  With diverse switches, routes and ports, testing or even failures can be tolerated within a live network infrastructure, however, what if a network could be tested without utilizing the redundant pathways and hardware?  ONE9 3NINE has teamed up with a partner that offers network testing of live networks in such a way that it never interrupts live operations and tests the entire network while in operation.
How to test new network infrastructure Testing of any newly purchased network infrastructure is simple prior to adding them into an active environment.  ONE9 3NINE is able to assist customers by conducting 3rd party impartial active and passive network hardware tests to ensure that all new network components are fully functional prior to installing them into any live infrastructure.
Can I test passive and active components? Both active and passive components are possible to test within a live environment, however, active component can sometimes cause problems however, heavy traffic can also be created to test active infrastructure instead of interrogating the device itself and thus still prove its capability.  In any case, testing can be conducting on different frequencies so as not to negatively affect the active data paths so all components can safely be tested in one form or another.

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