Infrastructure Consolidation

What is infrastructure consolidation consulting?

Through the advent of virtualization, customers are now able to reduce costs and overheads by reducing it’s dependance on energy dependent servers that could otherwise be either consolidated or pushed into a cloud. To ensure that data centers run more efficiently, ONE9 3NINE offers a consolidation advisory service to ensure customers are not wasting power and cooling on redundant hardware.

Problem Solution
How can I save money on my IT operation? The days of countless racks of servers is gone with the advent of virtualization and data center consolidation through the application of new technologies.  ONE9 3NINE offers customers infrastructure consolidation services through initiatives such as virtualization both in network and server technologies which offer customers opex cost reductions.  In addition, data center management through DCIM and SMIS and many other initiatives, allow data center managers to control and monitor their whole environment creating a symbiotic relationship between IT and the data center infrastructure itself.
I need to upgrade my servers, what are my options? Upgrading servers based technology replacement is a standard approach for customers to utilize newer more efficient servers and technology in general, however, ONE9 3NINE advocates infrastructure consolidation in this scenario to ensure that customers maximize their investment whilst becoming more able to monitor and control server usage and thus power and cooling metrics.  Consolidating server replacement into a reduced foot print through virtualization is a powerful way of gaining greater control of a data center and its operational costs and can benefit from a clear strategy developed through a consultative approach
How can virtualization help me? Sharing resources of a single physical machine can assist in optimal CPU, memory and disk utilization so that physical utilization can be shared efficiently rather than having a single operating system and application utilize a single physical platform at perhaps 10% utilization.  Virtualization can be planned through a infrastructure consolidation plan and ONE9 3NINE can assist customers in this regard and maximize resource utilization by grouping many physical servers into a single virtualization platform.

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