Disk Data Cleaning

What is disk data cleaning consulting?

With technology replacing its self at an ever increasing rate, server and hard disk replacement in general will require customers to have their hard data security maintained via the removal of sensitive information from all old or replaced hardware. In order to ensure this service, ONE9 3NINE consulting offers customer the ability to ensure data is secure by implementing a secure strategy for the destruction of or removal of all data prior to hardware disposal.

Problem Solution
I have old servers, how can I remove the data? Data removal from servers can be completed a number of ways, either with software loaded onto the server, extracting the disks or a less reliable way would be to crush the machine, however this is not reliable as there are no guarantees that the machine will not be recoverable in some way.  ONE9 3NINE works with global leaders in data removal and offers its customers the possibility of military grade deletion of data from disks either whilst the disks remain in the server or after their removal from the original machine.
Do I need to worry about my old data? Data removal or deletion is a necessary process prior to selling, trashing or preferably recycling your old servers.  Many customers over look data disk cleaning and the removal of sensitive data and this could seriously threaten your business if your customers database managed to get in to the wrong hands or even into the public arena.  Perhaps the worst type of data to loose would be that of data about 3rd parties and their credit card numbers or access codes.  The company could then be held liable for this and for breaching the data protection act.
Can I clean data from hard disks? Yes, data can be cleaned from just hard disks by ONE9 3NINE through a special chassis we provide.  Hard disks can be placed into the chassis and cleaned from an external machine where the data removal process is controlled from.  Even if a customer has aging hard disks with no servers to remove the data, deletion can still be performed.

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