Data Encryption

What is data encryption consulting?

With data security becoming an ever growing concern, data encryption consultancy is a critical part of attaining peace of mind for all corporate organizations mitigating risk of data on the move or at rest.

Problem Solution
How can I protect my server data? Data security is now the hottest topic for most customers with the many recently well publicized viruses that have caused havoc to many.  As a result, data security on the move and at rest is now scrutinized and protected where ever possible to ensure business integrity.  To this end, ONE9 3NINE offers customers security reviews and protections strategies based on the SOA/EAP service.  Any customer wishing to formulate a strategy to ensure server data protection can approach ONE9 3NINE to gain insight into anti-virus, encryption and other forms of security that can help protect against fraud.
Can I secure my backup data? As backup data is taken within a secure facility, the requirement for encryption would not be required, however, even if a backup is taken within an organization, the tape will normally be taken to an offsite location and  as such is subject to possible theft.  ONE9 3NINE can advise customers on a strategy of data encryption for backup architectures or any media that will be mobile outside the physical security of the business.  To this end, even if a medium such as a memory stick, laptop or backup tape is stolen or lost, data will not be usable or recoverable from these mediums if the correct precaution’s are taken.
Do I need to encrypt my data? As data is now sent between mobile devices, over the internet, through wireless networks and via backup tapes to offsite locations, data encryption has never been more necessary in protecting data packages that are outside the perimeter of the business.  In addition, encryption is a good protection for inside the business as well incase corporate theft is attempted and data is removed by 3rd parties.  In any case, ONE9 3NINE advises customers to review security and encryption methods and institute a short review to investigate any flaws.

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