Capacity Planning

What is capacity planning consulting?

Business needs are far outstripping capability these days and as new technologies become available and so capacity planning based on IT need and business requirements is now a necessity. Ensuring there is enough power, cooling, rack space is an essential part of project planning and ONE9 3NINE can assist any customer by further proofing growth planning.

Problem Solution
Do I have enough datacenter space to expand my IT? Bridging the void between IT and infrastructure continues to be the biggest challenge for ONE9 3NINE and any customer whom tries to align forecasting of operational capabilities with business IT requirements.  In a continual battle between investment and need, businesses can benefit from strategic capacity planning so that business expansion can be aligned with both IT need and infrastructure requirements.
I have a new IT project, how can I plan for the future? When customers need to deploy more IT equipment within a data center, one of the questions that is rarely asked is whether the infrastructure capacity can support it.  In many cases, the IT department will act independently until the facility maintenance guys start to get problems or over capacity, but at that point it is already too late.  ONE9 3NINE offers its capacity planning service to align the business need with IT and facilities to ensure that all needs are known and planned for in advance instead of reactive measures when electrical or cooling capacity levels are breached.
IT manager and Facilities manager do not understand growth A common problem within fast growth companies and senior management is understanding why middle management do not work closer together and more proactively in forecasting their requirements instead of moving from one reaction based upgrade to another.  To this end, ONE9 3NINE advises not only capacity planning but the more strategic approach of either service orientated architecture or enterprise architecture planning where customers build a long clear goal of expansion with input of business, facilities and IT requirements matched with expenditure rather than reactionary responses.

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