Information Technology

Information Technology Consultancy

ONE9 3NINE Consulting offers a diverse selection of information technology consultancy services which are detailed below:

Product / Service Part No. Values Overview
Capacity Planning IT-CP-001 Strategy, Optimization IT requirement, facility planning, business need and financial forecasting
Outsourcing Services IT-OS-002 Cost IT operations, maintenance and resource outsourcing planning and review
Recycling Services IT-RC-003 Cost Review and incorporation of recycling or environmentally friendly strategies
Server Asset Audits IT-SAA-004 Strategy Verification and audit of all IT equipment and placement advisory based on energy output
Infrastructure Consolidation IT-IC-005 Strategy, Cost Energy and capex optimization through virtualization and there consolidation strategies
Network Design IT-ND-006 Strategy Network review and design of both passive and active components
Disk Data Cleaning IT-DDC-007 Security Secure data deletion and hardware removal
Data Encryption IT-DE-008 Security Review and planning of data encryption both at rest and on the move
Live Network Testing IT-LNT-009 Optimization Preinstallation and live network passive and active component testing
Safety Security Review IT-SSR-010 Security, Optimization Both physical and virtual data security review, planning and testing
Migration Planning IT-MP-011 Strategy Migration planning between old and new IT systems, data center facilities and buildings
Maintenance Review IT-MR-012 Strategy, Optimization IT Maintenance review and advice based on logs and procedures offering predictive failure analysis

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