Free Consultancy in Dubai for Greener Data Centers

Free Consultancy in Dubai for Greener Data Centers

ONE9 3NINE delivers the best of breed consultancy in achieving greener data centers and offers customers a complimentary portfolio of services to assist them in realizing true cost savings and is proud to offer free consultancy in Dubai for a limited number of clients only.

Selection of Free Data Center Consultancy Services

In order to demonstrate the highest standards of DC consultancy, ONE9 3NINE adds value thru a half day consultancy approach for customers interested in evaluating their facilities.

Customers can select from one of the following services :

  • Thermographic Inspection – An infrared inspection of a room, rack or IT equipment airflow
  • Data Center Health Check – General walk through to provide impartial design standards advise
  • Server & Asset Audit – An IT equipment inspection to offer possible improvements in both rack and equipment placement

Thermographic Inspection

This service provides customers insight into what improvements could be made via a full 2-3 day day inspection of a data center facility including the full data hall. all racks and specific high heat load equipment.  The service length is based directly on the floor space, however, most inspections can be limited down to a specific period of 2-3 days including the report preparation.  Further advise is then available on corrective action if required.

Data Center Health Check

Giving customers a glimpse into possible deficiencies exist within their facility, ONE9 3NINE offers customers a general walk through culminating in a brief report providing feedback on Electrical, Mechanical, Safety and Security areas of design as well as operational observations.  A full operations review or data center health check, even extending to a full Tier assessment can be provided should customer wish to gain further detailed insight.

Server & Asset Audit

Providing an IT perspective, customers gain a high level example of the huge benefits of having a true IT equipment placement strategy where servers and other IT equipment is placed within a data centers racks in a strategic manner based on cooling and power requirements instead of IT requirements or hypothetical preferred location.  IT placement is the biggest issue in all data centers and the negative impacts to data center efficiency is highly underestimated by almost all customers.


The outcome of these free services offer customers a glimpse into their current situation by providing a simple 2 page report which is provided within 2 days of the inspection.

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