Testing and Commissioning Services

What is testing and commissioning services consulting?

In order to conclude any Data Center construction project, it is necessary to undertake completion services in order to get the initial majority completion and as such ONE9 3NINE offer customers peace of mind during their projects through the delivery of their testing and commissioning services.  This service ensures that customers get what has been agreed by any main contractor, 3rd party suppliers or subcontractors.

Problem Solution
How to make sure a new project is properly tested When deploying a new project whether it’s a data center or new building, a customer will normally outsource testing and commissioning to ensure impartiality on the part of both the equipment suppliers and/or the contractor them selves.  To this end, ONE9 3Nine offers its customers independent testing and commissioning services by technical engineers.  This approach ensures that all systems will be operationally fully tested as per international standards and not as per the equipment requirements so as to ensure full operations as per design parameters.
My facility requires 3rd party testing 3rd party testing is extremely important if a customer wishes to be absolutely sure that their facility is fit for purpose, however, it is not always necessary to employ 3rd parties to conduct the testing if the customer is satisfied.  The obvious values in undertaking a 3rd party are that testing is independent and so all presented data is unbiased and of the highest quality.
My building requires a test If a customer has an existing building that has been operational for many years and requires testing, ONE9 3NINE offer this service to ensure operational efficiency and reliability.  This can be deployed on a preventative schedule so that a building is inspected once every 3 to 6 months as the buildings facilities begin to age.

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