Thermography Analysis

What is thermography analysis consulting?

Thermography analysis is available to customers already operating a facility and utilizes infrared technology to look at air temperature and show problems with dynamic airflow in a live environment.  ONE9 3NINE Consulting is also able to analyze physical infrastructure through the same approach and applications for NDT (non-destructive testing) are almost limitless.

Problem Solution
My building is expensive to cool how can I save money? A thermography survey is the analysis of a temperature differences in a specific area or point of view as seen through a specialized thermography imaging camera.  This allows a specialist consultant to visit a customer building, home or data center and evaluate possible building defects, insulation problems, air leakage, or overheating electrical equipment.  This then allows analysis of air flow to hypothetically look for possible leakage of customer buildings and save huge operational costs, or find insulation problems that are allowing external heat into the building.  In any event, ONE9 3NINE can advise customers on many cost saving initiatives or preventative measures within an existing building that would save money on cooling bills.
I believe my building has leaks how do I find them? With the use of a thermography camera, ONE9 3NINE allows customer to have their windows, walls and other special perspectives reviewed by the use of a special camera and software operated by trained specialists and advice can be given through the final report on any air leakage of a building.  This can also be accompanied with an air leakage test which is also available from ONE9 3NINE.
My datacenter is not cooling correctly One of the biggest problems with the deployment of a new data center facility is the deployment of IT equipment in an unplanned way after the data center has been handed over.  In this scenario and with no planning, IT equipment would be placed into the first available or next to the preferred piece of equipment so that cables can be kept to their shortest, however, this approach can have catastrophic effects on a data centers cooling concept creating huge hotspots.  For this reason, ONE9 3NINE advocate a combined IT and DC infrastructure strategy so that hotspots can be avoided and other cooling complications.  Thermography analysis can identify these sorts of problems immediately and the specialist technician can advise on corrective action.

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