Risk Assessments

What is risk assessments consulting?

Accepting that all facilities may at some point come under attack from either an internal or external entity, it is necessary for any company to undertake a security review of their premises and IT infrastructure to ensure all possible assets are being secured appropriately. Ensuring that physical access, operational procedures, surveillance and IT data exposure is accounted for can save many companies either downtime or embarrassment should a situation occur or data be compromised.

Problem Solution
Is my data center secure? Data center security is the heart of any organization apart from generic business security external to the data center.  ONE9 3NINE offers customers a full review of the data centers access control, CCTV, fire detection and fire fighting in order to assess facility security, additional services are also available through hack prevention and internal IT or data security so that all major aspects of data center security are reviewed and reported on.
How can I check my website and data security? Once the data center is secure, external data access is also required to be reviewed including websites, Wi-Fi hotspots and other data access points including phones.  All external security risks can be included in the risk assessment based on customer preference.
What risks are there to my business information? Data at rest and on the move is rarely included in a risk assessment such as backup tapes, however, business information and its exposure can be reviewed by ONE9 3NINE to ensure that data sensitivity and its users both internal employees and the general public be reviewed and controlled.  An alarming amount of data fraud is actually conducted by employees.

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