Health Checks

What is health checks consulting?

Server rooms and data centers having been previously built often remain in service without due care and attention being paid to ensure they comply with the latest standards, operate under best practice and utilize the latest technologies. For this reason ONE9 3NINE Consulting advises a 6 monthly health check to assess all aspects of any existing or recent facility to ensure operations are performing as expected.

Problem Solution
What can I do to prevent my Datacenter from failing? After construction is finished, a datacenter will sometimes remain in operation for many years unchanged until the first failure occurs and the business realizes that maintenance and monitoring is required.  To mitigate this sort of unexpected failure, ONE9 3NINE offers customers a health check of their facility to ensure that all segments of the data center are running smoothly including electrical, mechanical, safety and security systems.  Once a health check is performed, a review of the facility can be scheduled every 3 or 6 months as a preventative measure, however, the importance of intermittent health checks cannot be underestimated.
How do I see if my DC is installed correctly? There are two ways of reviewing an operational data center for design and installation flaws, the first is a high level health check that covers all major segments of the data centers operational facilities and the other is a discrimination study that is described as another service.  Either service will offer customers information on what the current status of their facility may be, however, the level of information may be of importance if it is to be used as a basis for later expansion.
How to check if a datacenter meets international standards? Another part of a health check service is that of including a high level tier review of the facility based on a selected international design standard.  If a customer wishes to have a detailed tier review this should be carried out via ONE9 3NINE’s specialized Tier review consultancy.

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