Green Standards Review

What is green standards review consulting?

Green Standards such as LEED are a requirement for many buildings as governments and standards in general become more environmentally conscious. Based on this strong and globally accepted need, ONE9 3NINE Consulting works with external environmental specialists in offering state of the art advice to customers with both existing and new facilities.

Problem Solution
What green standard does my building comply with? Many governments are now advocating that buildings be designed and constructed in line with new environmentally driven standards such as the US standard LEED.  As this these rules are set down for new buildings only, ONE9 3NINE offers customers the ability to review their own existing building against the same standards to see if there is any way in which green or environmental initiatives could both assist the environment and also save the customer money.  This service would allow the review of the current status and compliance and also allow for a possible road map to be developed for future improvement and operational cost savings.
How can I improve my building electrical efficiency? If a customer wishes to lower their utility bills in general, it is most likely that a green standards review would highlight possible causes or routes for greater operational efficiency based on leading global initiatives and standards.  By reviewing and replacing standard light bulbs with IR controlled LED clusters or a customer recycling waste water and paper, any new initiative could over time save a customer huge costs whilst also saving the environment.
Is my building LEED compliant? To do a direct standards evaluation against LEED or any other similar standard, ONE9 3NINE offers customers a basic green standards review that just looks for compliance and to what level, in this case, ONE9 3NINE would utilize one of its internationally renown partners to conduct the review as the resulting report could result in an official certification.

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