Facility Cleaning

What is facility cleaning consulting?

After the deployment of any datacenter upgrade or green field deployment, facility operation becomes the focus of customers which includes maintaining a clean room environment. Based on international ISO standards, ONE9 3NINE Consulting is able to offer customers certified clean room environments reducing IT hardware MTBF failure.

Problem Solution
My data center is old can it be cleaned? Yes, data centers even from their first day of operation are dirty in the majority of cases.  To ensure this is monitored, ONE9 3NINE can offer air quality surveys to analyze dust composition and quality from a facility, but in most cases, unless HEPA or a similar filter is being utilized, most data center facilities are not ISO compliant regarding dirt and thus require a clean.
How does dirt affect IT outages? Dirt can include metal fillings, concrete and many other substances that have remained present since construction was completed.  As a result, IT equipment filters and PCB’s can deteriorate and result in damage from contamination such as metal whiskers that cause short circuits or even greater problems over time and this bring the MTBF down.  To this end, ONE9 3NINE offers a facility cleaning service through its international partners to review, clean and monitor dust contamination of data centers to reduce possible down time.
How can I improve my data center uptime? Uptime is a term used to describe the amount of time a data center has remained operational without failure and in the case of infrastructure and IT redundancy architecture design this can be calculated based on probability of failure, however, it is very difficult to predict or forecast failure due to contamination which means that in this case, ONE9 3NINE believes that cure is better than prevention, so understanding and controlling air quality within a data center is now of paramount importance.

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