Energy Audits

What is energy audit consulting?

Saving money is a necessity these days for all businesses and as such an energy audits are a sound way to investigate possible cost savings to operational costs that can have a long and lasting cost saving. By undertaking an energy audit, customers gain from understanding the operating parameters better and how cost savings can be made bringing benefits to the bottom line.

Problem Solution
How can I save operational costs? Maintaining operational costs of a business is paramount based on the downward global economic situation and as such, controlling data center operational cost can contribute to opex control.  To ensure this, ONE9 3NINE offers customer the ability to conduct an energy audit of its facility via a baseline to allow for design improvement advice or operational changes that will save the customer money.
Am I running my facility efficiently? To be able to clarify if a data center is operating efficiently, a baseline is required to establish normal operating parameters and allow mark trend analysis comparisons and future forecasting based on the introduction of alternative or cost saving technology.  This process of review, presented by ONE9 3NINE to the customer in the form of a report, allows for the clarification on how efficient the facility is operating via the PUE or similar variable.
How can I save my company money? If senior management are looking to save money within a business, a good strategy is through ONE9 3NINE’s single point of contact approach where a multitude of facilities are reviewed and discussions of technology review and consolidation are conducted.

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