Discrimination Studies

What is discrimination study consulting?

To ensure customers operate facilities based on full resiliency and redundancy ONE9 3NINE Consulting offers customer discrimination studies of existing facilities in order to ensure full compliance with intended standards. This service benefits customers by giving a peace of mind based on an impartial second opinion.

Problem Solution
Was my building or data center built correctly? When a new data center is constructed, quality assurance checks will be performed by assigned specialists to ensure that what has been built is as required by the tender package and specifications, however, is this enough to offer a customer peace of mind?  In recent years ONE9 3NINE has learnt of some customers that have suffered from sub-standard works and suffered failures through bad installation and sub-standard quality products.  To support customers in this situation, ONE9 3NINE has instituted a discrimination study that offers customers the possibility of reviewing any building and/or data center against the as-build drawings and completely reviewing the expected quality of a new build to ensure that all aspects of the build have been achieved as expected.
Can an electrical or mechanical system be checked after construction? Yes, any electrical or mechanical system can be reviewed after construction and have a due diligence investigation conducted which is offered by ONE9 3NINE in the form of a discrimination study.  This study for example will double check breaker types and sizes against drawings and clarify PLC and other operational parameters to ensure that in the case of a failure the correct breaker or set of actions will result. This methodology is applied to all aspects of a subsystem within a building facility to ensure the correct logic has been used during design and construction.
How can I check if the data center design was correct? A discrimination study can also be conducted on a design as well where construction has not commenced and the customer wishes an independent study to be carried out on the design to ensure the contracted consultant has completed the design as requested.  This would include any system such as electrical, mechanical, safety and security.

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