Control Room Design

What is control room design consulting?

As data centers become more complex and built on an ever increasing diversity of technologies and innovations data center Managers require greater transparency and control through deployments of effective command and controls data centers. To this end, ONE9 3NINE Consulting offers its customers stat of the art SNOC/NOC control room design and advisory services.

Problem Solution
My data center project needs an operations room With every new data center, it is advised that operators and the operations center be located outside the data center in contrast to the days gone by of mainframes.  In the latest data center facilities, it is considered a normal requirement for an operations room to be required which is normally located in an adjacent room so that all aspects of both the IT and infrastructure can be monitored.  ONE9 3NINE incorporates operations rooms into their designs if required to ensure that a customers facility is monitored on a 247 basis.
How to design a SNOC room A SNOC in a similar fashion to a standard operations room requires some sort of reporting medium on a wall such as a projection or wide screen array so that customer operators can view the current status of both infrastructure and IT services, however, in the case of a SNOC room, security and network status is also monitored normally requiring much larger displays of status data for example a companies global network links.  ONE9 3NINE works with the largest specialists in SNOC room design in addition to its own internal know how and can provide customers any size of SNOC room based on their specific requirements.
Network operations center needs review In some cases, customers have had a facility or building for many years and the operations center has been considerably reliable over that time, however, as equipment ages, the possibility of failure increases and ONE9 3NINE offers this as a service to customers wishing to review their operations center and look at possible upgrade routes.

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