Amortization Study

What is amortization consulting?

As customer datacenter facilities progress and continue to deliver full operations, facility equipment statistical reliability slowly deteriorates based on historical MTBF estimates, however, reviewing and carefully forecasting equipment replacement or facility refurbishment is a dedicated test that is able to be carried out by ONE9 3NINE Consulting for any customers interested in ensuring operational longevity.

Problem Solution
My DC infrastructure is old, how long will it continue to run? An amortization study is the calculation and attempt to forecast the potential of a data center to fail based on the time installed and how the facility equipment has been operated during that time.  As a result, approximate forecasts and advisories on replacement can be strategized to maintain an operationally efficient data center or building.  Balancing the liabilities of the change itself against the benefits of the new equipment and when or how this should happen can all then be decided by the customer based on ONE9 3NINE’s amortization study report.
When should I replace my building infrastructure? If a building has been operational for some time, it can be a difficult call whether to replace the infrastructure or to just migrate to a new facility.  This decision can be made based on an amortization report that gives the customer possible forecasts based on operational parameters to date.  It should be noted that this type of evaluation is based on trend analysis and variables such at MTBF which are all prone to a degree of error, however, these reports are seen as being much better than no data at all.
Can I forecast equipment failure? Amortization studies are a way of forecasting equipment failure based on trends, MTBF statistics and operational utilization.  This means that an amortization study still bases a lot of its advice on 3rd party provided information which in itself could be flawed, however, ONE9 3NINE has assisted customers by providing greater peace of mind about an operational facility that previously did not exist so that business decisions could be made regarding replacement and expansion.

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