Data Center Tier Review

What is data center tier review consulting?

As per current tier level based designs, data centers often require 3rd party assessment and approval either during design or build phases of a project and as such this service is offered to reassure customers of any infrastructure investment either currently existing or planned. ONE9 3NINE Consulting’s review would be based on the customer requested standards such as UTI, TIA or BICSI, however, any standards will be considered in order to meet customer expectations.

Problem Solution
What Tier level is my data center? A full tier review is a useful way of conducting a thorough technical investigation of a data center facility based on international design standards.  ONE9 3NINE offers this as a central service to its data center customers allowing for a due diligence survey of any existing facility and the production of a report documenting any deficiencies or suggested rectifications.  Through this approach a customer can clarify what tier rating their facility is whether it is new or old and plan for the future.
Is my data center the correct Tier level? Understanding what is the correct Tier level for a business is a time consuming and resource intensive investigation if a customer does not know due to the fact that a tier level must reflect all aspects of a business usually leading to the data center tier level being established based on the lowest acceptable down time or time to recovery that the business can tolerate.  In most cases this is underestimated and customers rethink their strategy after their first failure.  ONE9 3NINE can assist any customer with this decision and work with management in identifying the optimum tier level based on variables such as MTBF, TTR etc.
Do I need Tier 4? The data center industry is all about size and tier level which customers usually choose Tier 3 due to the increased cost of selecting a Tier 4 data center, but does any customer truly need a Tier 4 data center? ONE9 3NINE believes that in most cases, ensuring that a resilient strategy has been formulated between infrastructure and IT as far as fault tolerance protection is far more important than just paying for the biggest and highest tier data center possible.  Both servers and their infrastructure are dependent on each other in one way or another and thus ensuring that a full strategy is thought out for a customer can sometimes translate into a justification for not investing in a Tier 4 data center.

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