Data Center Design

What is data center design consulting?

This service undertakes to deliver customers a customized datacenter design that complies to international standards such as BICSI, TIA-942 or UTI to name a few. The delivered solution includes all MEP, safety, security and fire fighting detailed in design reports and a drawings package. ONE9 3NINE Consulting offers PM assistance, tender services through to testing and commissioning services.

Problem Solution
My data center is not big enough Data centers enlargement is dependent on many factors, but mostly based on the buildings capabilities and utility availability.  An example of datacenter limitations would be a fully allocated RMU or number of transformers, if this is the case, supporting an expansion would require investigation into a solution and this is where ONE9 3NINE can assist customers based on its experienced engineers on similar projects around the GCC region.  Providing a review and possible concept design allows any customer to visualize possible options and the financial implications.
What design standard should my DC be? Many standards exist for the guidance and advice on data center design best practices and ONE9 3NINE prides itself on being flexible and supporting all available standards including TIA-942, BICSI and UTI to name but a few.  As many customers are trained these days we the design standard will have already be established based on the level of required business resilience (e.g. 99.98%), however, if a customer has not established this, then advice can be given on the subject of Tier or availability level depending on which terminology is best suited to the customer.
What power and cooling do I need in 2 years? Designing a data center for today is an easy task based on the required footprint, power and cooling requirements, however, forecasting in 2, 5 or even 10 years what capacity will be needed requires a very specialized approach to DC design which must be based on experience of technology and that of data centers themselves, both of which ONE9 3NINE prides itself on possessing.

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