Data center Certification

What is data center certification consulting?

Based on the Tier review service, certification is optionally available for standards based on compliance and acceptance by either ONE9 3NINE Consulting or applicable 3rd parties if dictated by the design standard it’s self. The customer can dictate their preferred standard prior to any review and successful certification will be based on the chosen standard and the respective site situation.

Problem Solution
How can I get my data center certified? Certification of data centers is based on a standard in one form or another, however, the market understanding that it has to be done by the standards body themselves is incorrect.  There are of course exceptions where the standards body mandates that only they can certify a data center facility themselves, however, in the majority of cases, certification of a data center is something that can be done by anyone that is experienced enough to carry out a data center design or review.  As long as any certification inspection is done inline with a standard such as TIA-942, then any data center can be certified.
What tier certification is best? The Tier certification leading to a data center certification will usually culminate in the selection of a standard.  As previously stated, the selection of a standard is down to the customer and their preference, usually based on which ever training they have taken, however, some Tier levels have differences to others which can make them either more or less favorable to use based on a particular facility and its design.  ONE9 3NINE advises customers to consider which certification standard firstly based on the chosen design standard, and secondly what is best for the facility, in addition, a facility will rarely be certified by multiple standards as some standards do not agree or follow the same concepts of compliance that others, so certification for those standards may not be possible based on certain design parameters.
What standard is my data center and is it certified? If a customer deployed their facility up to 20 years ago based on mainframe technologies, it’s a good chance that your data center was designed reasonably well, however, in some cases as data centers have been upgraded over the years, these alterations lead to complications in certification and ONE9 3NINE advocate a simple fact finding or health check review prior to selection a full DC certification so that any high level non-compliances can be identified.

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